Labels that withstands cold storage, condensation and sticks on.

They must stick securely to a range of substrates (different plastics, glass, papers) which may be wet, frozen, refrigerated, or subject to high heat environments. We manufacture Dairy and Beverage labels of highest quality that with stands all those challenges.

Get the Premium Dairy and Poultry Labels at Stars Labels

Diary and beverage products are used by most people every day. These products are often used in contained packages of various types. The labels on them must be able to survive the fluid as well as dry places in which the product may be placed. Again, the products, along with their packaging, might be frozen or heated. Thus, the Beverages labels must survive all these conditions.

The labels typically available in the market are not specialized for such service conditions and any enterprise engaged in the business of these products must use labels specially created for these products. Let us discuss how you can print best Beverages labels in the manner best fitting the needs of your enterprise.

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