Made to beat moisture and extreme temperature demands.

We make custom food labels with varying shapes and sizes, that suits for both hand or machine applications. Range materials includes :
• Glossy paper
• Clear film
• White film
• Metallised
• Thermal
• Textured

Adhesive selection can be made according to the application. There are options to suit cartons, jars, bottles, boxes or even to the food product directly. Furthermore we also provide solutions for overprinting of variable information like barcodes, batch numbers, dates etc.

Get Food Packaging Labels from Star Labels

Food packaging labels are used to identify the contents and origin of packaged food. They also serve as warnings and instructions for the consumer. Food packaging labels are required by law to provide this information under the food safety compliance of the packaging. Food packaging labels also serve as marketing tools for the food producer and retailer, as they help consumers make informed food choices.

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