Abrasive Strength and Waterproofness, can be applied on greasy and slippery products.

Commonly applied on diesel oil, Mobil oil etc.

As we never compromise on the superiority of raw material and quality of print, we are appreciated by our clients for
the labels life and adherence.

Buy the Highest Quality Automotive Lubricant labels at Stars Labels

Automotive Lubricants are crucial for the proper functioning of your vehicles. You need them to ensure the smooth working of various components of engines. However, it is equally essential to always get the right kind of lubricant – and the way to ensure that is to check the lubricant labels. These labels provide valuable information that helps us identify and know other vital details about the lubricant oil.

Thus, lubricant labels have a vital role to play, but they are also a lot more different from other kinds of labels being regularly exposed to greasy oils.

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