Abrasive, Informative; sticking to drug standards

The importance of labeling in pharmaceutical industries is beyond explanation. As it is used for classification, information, health warning, direction of use etc.

Abrasiveness and adhesive strength are the key characteristics of such labels as the medical field warrants it.

We strictly adhere to the instructions and guidelines provided by the client at the time of designing since the label should conform with the Drug labeling standards.

Get Informative Pharmaceutical Labels at Stars Labels

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and the media attention around the search for a vaccine for the virus have brought a lot of attention to the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. While labels are important for all kinds of products, they play a crucial role in the case of pharmaceutical products. The pharmaceutical labels are required not only to display the name of the drug but also to provide the information that may be legally required, including expiry dates, contents, etc.

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